Thursday, October 25, 2007

Sea Inside (2)

The Diving Bell and the Butterfly and The sea Inside deal with some of the same issues. They are also very different. One similarity are that neither Ramon or Jean can move their arms, or legs. Ramon has more mobility by far though. He is actually able to move his head, and he is able to speak, unlike Jean who can not move anything. Jean and Ramon think about flying away all the time, too. Jean pictures himself at a beach, so does Ramon. They both, I'm guessing, want to be able to move freely, too. One difference is that Ramon has loved one's living with him and that he is at his own home. Jean is stuck at a hospital. Ramon was also able to actually write his own book. While Jean on the other hand had to blink for every letter.

Sea Inside (1)

Ramon had the right to die. Why the courts did not allow it was way beyond me. If someone who is in that state, and that condition wants to end their life, let them. Yes it may be illegal, but think about it. If he was not a quadriplegic then he would be able to commit suicide. With the state that he is in he is not able to. Fair? I think not. You really only get one chance to commit suicide and he wasn't even given that chance because of the law and the courts. His friends and relatives didn't want him to kill himself either because they loved him. But as he said "If you love me then you will let me get this over with." I think if they did love him then they would let him do it. They didn't love him, they loved his company. I definitely would've killed myself in that situation, too. He did what I would've done.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

My book is called Beckham. The name pretty much describes the main character. Needless to say the main character is David Beckham, an English soccer player since the ripe young age of 4. He has been playing soccer his whole life. He was always the shorty, or the jock, or the kid that always got picked on. This book tells us about his journey from age 4 to now.