Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Outside reading final

Some people may know him for his soccer or maybe even his movies, but I know him as an idle. David Beckham wrote the memoir/autobiography I've been reading. The book is called Beckham.
I really think that the point of this book was a few things actually. I think one is go out and try new things. Another may be to follow your heart, not the crowd. The last thing I can think he is trying to say is follow through with what you set out for. He had to do all of these things. "Dear Posh Spice. You don't know me but I have this very strong feeling that, if we could meet somehow, I think we'd get on really well. I don't know what your schedule's like but you can find me at Old Trafford every other Saturday"(pg. 87). This is an example of how he followed his heart and not the crowd. Everybody was all just talk about Posh, he acted on his feelings about her. He really likes Posh, so he ends up marrying her. They have 2 children. An example of him trying new things is well, he had children. "Brooklyn was so uncomfortable and I hated seeing him like that" (pg. 179). The experience of seeing his child in pain hurt him, too.
I really liked this book though. It's really informative, and that's what makes it great.

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